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Come, experience the joy of learning! The school has an ISO 9001-2008 compliance certificate Sanjeewan Vidyalaya (Est.1922), through its innovative approach to academics, sports, creative skills and allied activities, is looking forward to being a pace setting learning institution, where each learner creates a ‘niche’ for himself / herself, through hard work, concern, commitment thereby leading to excellence. Sanjeewan Vidyalaya is situated on a 4300 ft. high plateau on one of the ranges of the Western Ghats, on which sprawls the well-known mountain resort of Panchgani in south-western Maharashtra. The bracing and beautiful environment makes Panchgani a perfect setting for residential schools. The school itself is spread over twenty two acres of pristine and woodland. It is one of the rare schools to have an eight and a half acre level playground at the height of 1259 m. A lot of thought and effort has gone into setting up the educational infrastructure which not only takes care of utilities but gives the school a unique image - aesthetically and environmentally. Sanjeewan is a growing school under constant pressure for creation of more spaces for growth and learning, making continuous effort to renew itself and equip the staff to meet new educational challenges. This school is one of those residential schools which was neither started by the government nor by a rich corporate, and it has never taken donations on a large scale. The school was one of the first few schools to have been awarded a token grant under the scheme of ‘strengthening of good residential schools in the country’. Sanjeewan Vidyalaya thus got itself registered on the educational map of India as one of the better-known innovative educational organizations. This ‘learning’ institution gives different dimensions and meanings to learning, entrepreneurship, management, culture, academic excellence and growth. It aspires to be a centre for dissemination of meaningful learning programmes, a trail blazer at all levels, not only in India, but globally as well and to be known as a 'school with a difference’, where all participants ‘learn to learn’.


To build up and nurture a multilingual, multicultural pace setting 'learning centre', where each learner and learning facilitator does search and research, unlearns and learns, to create a 'niche' for himself/herself in whatever he/she undertakes, through excellence and hard work, concern and commitment.


To define world class learning and 'whole life' education for living together, learning together, growing together and to reach out globally through its performances


To extend the concept of 'transforming the classroom', making it a 'self-propelled' quantifiable change in 'learning to learn', through group discussions and presentations, field trips, interactions with the rural and urban community - a process eventually leading to self management.


This is the story of 'a school with a difference' - a learning school - Sanjeewan Vidyalaya - a co-educational English medium residential school. In the pouring rains of Panchgani, on 3rd July 1922, two idealistic brothers - Shri. Raosaheb Pandit and Shri. Krishnarao Pandit cycled up the winding roads of Panchgani, situated on one of the spurs of the Sahyadri Ranges in Maharashtra. With very little money in their pockets - but armed with values and lots of zeal, they sowed the seed of a school - to protect, to enhance and to project what is ‘life education’. Named Hindu High School at its inception, Sanjeewan Vidyalaya was started by two committed teachers and their close associates in the era of the British Raj, with a view to nurture and promote Indian culture and values, and to impart quality education to all. The school therefore, was accepted and supported by the then renowned families of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra like the Chinais, Mehtas from Saurashtra, Pakwasas, Leherchand Bhogilal (Zaveri), Kirloskars, Dahanukars, Kalyanis and so on. Sanjeewan Vidyalaya lives to learn and has learned to live. For more then 100 years, the school has steadily grown in size, in educational scope and in reputation until it is now counted among the better-known Indian residential schools, not only in Maharashtra but all over India and abroad. Formation of the Sanjeewan Vidyalaya Trust


Formation of the Sanjeewan Vidyalaya Trust

Sanjeewan Vidyalaya was registered as a trust in the year 1956.

The Board of Trustees consisted of the following members:

Mr. M.V. Pandit, Mr. K.V. Pandit (teachers)

Mr. J.G. Bodhe (a renowned engineer and Sheriff of Bombay)

Mr. J.K. Munshi (a well known lawyer)

Dr. N.A. Kalyani (acknowledged entrepreneur, Chairman - Bharat Forge)

Mr. Babubhai Chinai (a renowned businessman)

Mr. Sharad Pandit (a visionary and a sportsman) was appointed as the First Principal of Sanjeewan Vidyalaya


Smt. Shashikala Thakar - (An alumnus) Chairperson

Smt. Anagha Devy - (An alumunus) trustee

Shri. Avinash M Adige - Trustee (CEO at Innoventive Industries Limited, Pune)

Smt. Vedantikaraje Bhonsle – Trustee

(Chairperson- Ajinkyatara Shetkari Sanstha Ltd,

Chairperson- Shahjeevan Stree Audhyogik Sanstha,

President- Kartavya Social Group)

Shri. Umesh J. Trivedi – Trustee (Managing Director of Nulife Pharmaceuticals)

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