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Co-curricular infrastructure

Check out our co-curricular infrastructure.


The Open Air theatre is one of the focal points of the school. It is a well designed circular theater overlooking the valley on the south. It is surrounded by trees. Children gather there in the morning two days in a week. Every day in the evening children sit facing the setting sun and listen to music or engage in creative writing for fifteen minutes - a specially created time to go inward, called "The Quiet" In this beautiful setting the children also have various activities, such as skits, dramas, songs, class programmes, short lectures... organized during their morning assembles. This amphitheatre provides an ideal setting for cultural programmes and assemblies.


The Multipurpose Hall, housing two  badminton courts, table tennis and gymnastics facilities, and also serving as an auditorium, is an invaluable asset, especially during the rainy season.


The area around the multipurpose hall is landscaped to provide several platforms at different levels, and offers an ideal ambience for storytelling, and performances for small audiences.

Multipurpose hall.jpeg
Multipurpose Hall
Fine arts.jpeg

One of the objectives of education is to inculcate in children the appreciation of beauty and a sense of aesthetics. The Fine Arts Center designed to nurture the visual and performing arts is a testimony to the emphasis Sanjeewan places on this aspect. At the primary and middle school levels, compulsory exposure is given to art, craft, music, dance, dramatics etc. In secondary school, each student chooses one or two areas in which they develop expertise by receiving skilled guidance on a regular basis.

Fine Arts Centre
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