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  • How old is the school?
    100 years old. It was founded in the year 1922
  • What is the average strength of students in a class?
    Around 30 to 35.
  • Do students come from near by area?
  • Is it a co-educational school?
  • How good are the results of the school?
    Board Results are generally between 95% to 100%.
  • How frequently is non-vegetarian food provided?
    Thrice a week (for those who opt for it) Kitchen is separate.
  • Are students are allowed to possess cell phones?
    NO. Child is allowed to call his / her parent once a week on given day and time.
  • Are they taken to local market to outings?
    Generally it is not required and we do not encourage it. Visits on special occasions/events are arranged.
  • Can we parents visit the school to celebrate our children's birthdays?
    In a residential school the school and the peer group becomes child's house. He/She learns to grow. One day visit distrubs the child emotionally. A residential school is a 'Home' for the child and he/she has to enjoy his/her birthday with his/her 'School Family'. When so many of us stay together such functions distrub the work and disturb other childern. Sweets are ordered and distributed in the class and in the dormitory.
  • Can we come and take our child out when we feel like it?
    The school calendar is designed in such a way that child meets the parents within an interval of 1.5 month. A special day called 'Exeat' is marked for the same purpose. Only in case of emergency, parents have to take written permission from the Principal.
  • How frequently can we meet our child?
    You can meet the child with a gap of about one a half months to two months.
  • What special facilities does the school have?
    Special help for academics. Encouraging participation in --- at least one hobby / vocation skill. participation in any one events Interaction with role models. School runs following programmes : Feature Leadership programme. D.E.A.S. NCC
  • What are the sports facilities?
    Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Badminton Swimming, Water polo Cricket, Football, Hockey Basket-ball, Throw ball Athletics, Archery Skating rink.
  • How many times a week does a child get to swim?
    Besides special coaching for swimming each child gets swimming once in a week in the monsoon and twice in a week in summer which is included in their school time-table.
  • When a how frequently can we talk to our child on phone?
    Once in week for about 7 minutes duration.
  • Do you provide internet facility?
    Yes - For Educational purpose like projects.
  • Do you provide medical facilities?
    Yes - There is a dispensary manned by a visiting doctor and full time trained nurses. We have seprate ward for girls and boys. School has got it's own ambulance.
  • Whom do we contact incase of emergency?
    The Principal
  • Who stays with the children during the night?
    We have living learning clusters where housemasters / housemistrees and matrons live around the children. Besides, for the little ones (upto std V) a lady helper sleeps in the dormitory.
  • How many children stay in a dormitory?
    Around 20 to 30 students.
  • Is the adequate security in the campus?
    Yes. Professional security contractor is providing security to all the campus (24 x 7).
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