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Community blocks infrastructure

Know more about our Community blocks infrastructure

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In Sanjeewan food is prepared under hygienic conditions and served with loving care. We have a Mess Committee - comprising the Principals, our in-house nutritionist, representatives of staff, students and the school’s health department - which works on planning a healthy, nutritious and at the same time a tasty menu for the entire Sanjeewan community. There are three different dining halls with separate areas for cooking and serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The school also has a specially designed cafeteria for cooking and serving Jain food.

Dinning Hall

Separate residential facilities for boys and girls based on the "'House'" concept have been carefully designed to make Sanjeewan a 'home away from home'. Consisting of spacious dormitories with common rooms and equipped with all necessary amenities such as wash areas, water purifiers and heaters, play areas, Prep Rooms etc, these L.L.C.s (Learning Living Centres) are under the close supervision of the house masters/house mistresses , assisted by a matron whose quarters are attached to the dormitories. The school strives for the overall development of the student by carefully balancing the student’s academic, physical, social and spiritual pursuits, and actively engaging the student in all aspects of life. Students are also groomed in aspects like table manners and etiquette .


The school has an out-patient dispensary and a small but well equipped 6 bedded hospital, monitored 24 X 7 by four experienced and qualified nurses.


A qualified, experienced doctor pays daily visits to the O.P.D., and is also on call in case of emergencies. The school has its own ambulance.

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