School Philosophy


We, at Sanjeewan always...

  • Encourage and insist on ‘Excellence’ and commitment in whatever we do (right from shoe polishing to academics).
  • Help develop entrepreneurship, self-dependence and self-discipline.
  • Be a ‘Learning school’ rather than a ‘teaching school’.
  • Encourage and insist on developing initiative, creativity, planning, scientific attitude.
  • Use ‘technology’ as a tool for learning and growth.
  • Be aware of and take care of the symbiotic relationship of man and Nature (environment), and between man and man.
  • Respect and take care of the needs of one’s own body (health, nutrition, exercise) and one’s own belongings.
  • Give equal respect and show concern for
  • Other’s property and belongings.
  • Other’s (including children’s) right to live and to grow happily.
  • Learn to be fearless, learned, concerned and excellent communicators through language learning and reading.
  • Develop a well-groomed appearance and a smart turn out.
  • Have concern for keeping the surroundings clean and healthy.
  • ‘Keep up with the times’ without allowing one’s own identity to get submerged and / or distorted.
  • Work and strive together towards the vision.
  • Act with wisdom, with information, with concern for duty, with love for learning and with an urge to make Sanjeewan Vidyalaya, a school and to be an Indian ‘with a difference’.