School History

Shri. Raosaheb Pandit

Shri. Krishnarao Pandit

This is a story of a School with ‘A difference – A learning School’- Sanjeewan Vidyalaya. – a co-educational English Medium Residential School.

In the pouring rains of Panchgani, on 3rd July 1922, two idealist brothers - Shri. Raosaheb Pandit and Shri. Krishnarao Pandit cycled up the winding roads of Panchgani to start a School on one of the spurs of Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra. With very little money in the pocket - all for values and commitment to education a seed of a School was sown to protect, to enhance, project Indianness.

Sanjeewan Vidyalaya lives to learn and has learned to live for 90 years.Over the years, the school has steadily grown in size, in educational scope and in reputation until it is now counted among the better-known Indian Residential schools not only in Maharashtra but also in India and abroad.